Luc Barras Exhibition

From June to September 1st

Luc Barras exposes this summer at the Château de Calavon, in Lambesc. He's an artist apart, his poetic and dreamlike world takes us to an incomparable space, and makes us dream ...

"In his images, he constructs and educates, imperfect pictures in the image of our lives, in the manner of computer-generated spreadsheets containing objects that do not call for a just result: inaccuracies with, between the huts, the possibility of guessing where the breath of our lives lies. "

He draws daily, on notebooks, on recovery paper or any media that may retain graphic traces. His quick, expeditious drawing tries to retain the essential. Then, he crosses the collections of photos and drawings that he creates .... "In this process I let these encounters, I compose new images I invent modern palimpsestes, I create and I erase texts In the contemporary world the images wear out, I try to create images that speak, the palimpsestes are the murmurs that escape ".

An exhibition part of the ART & VIN program proposed by the independent Vignerons. From June 25 to September 1, 2018. At the opening hours of the cellar.