An Organic Provence Wine

For more than a century, Château de Calavon, organic vineyard in the heart of Provence, has managed to combine the spirit of tradition with modern features.

Château de Calavon offers three emblematic cuvées : 
Le Château, Red, Rosé and White,
La Tradition, Red only,
La Réserve, Red only.
During exceptional years when the results are outstanding, the Château produces a cuvée from 100% Carignan, a Spanish grape variety, once forgotten in Provence but now making a glorious come-back.
The grape varieties of Château de Calavon have been the same for years : Grenache (black, gray and white), Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Mourvèdre and Carignan for red wines.
The Cinsault and the Grenache are predominant in the assemblage of the Château Rosé, whereas the Château Blanc comes from Rolle - or Vermentino, Clairette, Sémillon, Sauvignon or Bourboulenc.
The grapes are planted on arid lands and the yields are low, but these are precisely the conditions that allow the vines to fully develop and reveal their exceptional qualities which are ideal for the production of structured and concentrated wines,  ranking the wines of Château de Calavon among the most powerful reds of the appellation.

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